SEE Electrical Building + Standard

    A high value tool for professional designs of electrical installations and distribution.
    In addition to the functionality of Basic, See Building + STANDARD offers a wider range of features to assist in the rapid production and effective management of drawings, speeding up productivity.

    Access to Types database

    The integrated types database allows the selection and creation of manufacturers parts. An extensive list of generic cable types is already included providing the necessary details to document the plans and calculate the requirements.
    The database can be easily updated either directly using the type database editor or importing manufacturers data using xml or Excel files.

    Cables types definition

    Cable types are selected when drawing connections and changes can be easily applied to multiple cables. The Cables BOM is automatically calculated and printed.  
    Cables types definition

    Cable channels and Autorouting

    Standard level offers an additional function to define cable routing on a ground plan using the “Channel” command. Channels are created with predefined properties (colour, hatch, width and installation height) and can be characterized by type and added to the BOM of the project.
    If channels are defined on a ground plan, the routing of cables is also defined and cables can be drawn automatically.

    Cable channels and Autorouting

    Parametric definition and naming of circuits

    Circuits are automatically recognized and named with automatic re-indexing.
    The user can select the format of circuit names.

    Creation of distribution diagrams

    A special environment for the creation of distribution diagrams is integrated in Installation Standard offering:

    • Automatic generation of panel distribution diagrams, based on properties defined in the installation drawings. Diagrams are created using layout symbol-groups in single-line display according to the IEC standard. The general layout symbols can be easily customized.

     Creation of distribution diagrams
    • Calculation of load demand per circuit & panel (apparent & concurrent power), as well as the number and kind of connected consumers per circuit & panel.
    • Pure “Circuit” commands to edit created diagrams adding new components or defining additional wire connections.
    • Includes a complete symbol library of electrical symbols (fuses, circuit breakers, switches, MCB & RCD protective devices, etc.).
    • Automatic update of “Circuits List” containing critical information of circuits used to create the distribution diagrams.
    Creation of distribution diagrams
    • Interface to define and auto generate diagrams without installation drawings


    For over 33 years, the IGE+XAO Group has been a software publisher designing, producing, selling and supporting a range of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Simulation software dedicated to Electrical Engineering. These software products have been designed to help manufacturers in the design and maintenance of the electrical part of any type of installation. This type of CAD/PLM/Simulation is called "Electrical CAD/PLM/Simulation".
    Since mid 2014 with Prosyst take over, IGE+XAO also offers a complete software range for electrical installation functional simulation.
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